The Complete Works of Charles Darwin: This online resource has digital versions of all Darwin’s works.

Wikipedia: The de facto first-stop for many: a vigilently-maintained record on Darwin.

About Darwin: Get past the garish interface and this site is a compendium of useful information.

The Beagle Project: An ambitious but admirable plan to replicate the voyage of the Beagle.

PenguinWorld: Check out Lloyd Spencer Davis’ involvement with penguins.

Longacre Press: Visit the publisher of Looking for Darwin.


Browne, J. (1995) Voyaging. Pimlico, London. Janet Browne is the premier authority on Darwin; the first volume in her three-volume biography.

Gribbin, J. & Gribbin, M. (2003) FitzRoy. Headline, London. An excellent account of FitzRoy.

Keynes, R. (2001) Annie’s Box. Fourth Estate, London. Darwin as seen through the eyes of his great-great-grandson.

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