HMS Beagle: Lost and Found?

Dr Prescott with anchor that may have been used on the Beagle in its later life.

I was interested to read a three-year-old news item that suggested that the remains of Darwin’s ship, HMS Beagle, had been found: “A team led by Dr Robert Prescott of the University of St Andrews has located what they believe are the remains of HMS Beagle beneath an Essex marsh. Read More...

Augustus Earle and Darwin

Painting by Augustus Earle of Kororareka from his time spent in New Zealand

 A little while ago I gave a talk at a conference in Auckland in which I mentioned
Looking for Darwin. I was approached afterwards by Guy Hamling, who kindly drew my attention to a passage written in Earle’s Narrative of his time in New Zealand. Read More...

Merry Christmas

There is a certain irony in celebrating Christmas if one is an unabashed Darwinist. I wonder if Richard Dawkins gives Christmas gifts? Or receives them, even?

Charles Darwin acknowledged Christmas. While in New Zealand he attended a church service on Christmas Day 1835 in Pahia, where the service, somewhat ahead of its time, was in both English and Maori.

The Beagle Project


The Beagle Project is is an ambitious undertaking to mark the 2009 bicentenary of Charles Darwin’s birth by building a replica of HMS Beagle and sailing it around the world stopping at the same locations as Darwin. Aboard will be an international complement of young scientists. They will compare their observations with those made by Darwin from 1831 to 1836.

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