The Book Show

Looking for Darwin featured on The Book Show, a New Zealand television programme screened on TV One on Saturday 9 September. It was described as a “documentary feature” under the weekly Finlay’s Casebook section of the show. In reality, it was an extended interview of ten minutes or so, where Finlay Macdonald interviewed me about Darwin and my aspirations as a writer.

Finlay used to be the editor of the NZ Listner, New Zealand’s foremost weekly publication concentrating on the arts and literature. He also worked until recently as a commissioning editor for Penguin Books. His touch as an interviewer was just right: conversational and warm while being probing and inquisitive at the same time. Feedback from the programme has been universally excellent, which I guess indicates that I must have said something worth listening to, ’cause God knows I am no oil painting.
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