Shrewsbury initiates Darwin Masterplan

When I visited Shrewsbury, Charles Darwin’s birthplace, I was appalled at how little effort the city made to acknowledge the greatness that it had spawned. Here is the place where Darwin spent his formative years and yet you’d need the eyes of an eagle to spot any celebration of that fact. His home is, bizarrely, home to the Shrewsbury Valuation Office; his old school (now the library) has a statue but nothing else; and where, oh where, are the signs at the entrance to the city that should proclaim to the visitor that they are about to enter biology’s hallowed turf?

Fortunately, that is all about to be altered. A report entitled Darwin Masterplan for Shrewsbury was completed in March and the newly-formed Darwin Birthplace Society seems set to change Shrewsbury’s apparent ambivalence and puzzling silence concerning its famous son.
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