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Lloyd Spencer Davis

You can find more about Lloyd at his website:

The following is a selection of some of the awards received by Lloyd Spencer Davis for his popular non-fiction books:

Penguin: a season in the life of the Adélie Penguin (Pavilion, 1993 [published in North America by Harcourt Brace]) won the PEN (NZ) Best First Book Award for Non-fiction.

The Plight of the Penguin (Longacre, 2001) won the NZ Post-sponsored New Zealand Children’s Book of the Year Award, as well as the non-fiction category of the same awards (it was the first time in the history of the awards that non-fiction had been awarded the overall prize).

Looking for Darwin (Longacre, 2007): Lloyd received the Copyright Licensing Ltd Writer’s Award – New Zealand’s premier award for the support of non-fiction – for Looking for Darwin. He also received the Runner's Up Award in the New Zealand Travel Book of the Year Award for Looking for Darwin.

Lloyd is also a writer, director and producer of natural history films, which have won twelve international awards to date, including awards for scripts about science.

Lloyd is also a scientist and university professor with over 110 publications in scientific journals and books.

Academic books include:
Penguin Biology (Academic Press, 1990) – edited with John Darby, this book brought together for the first time the major players in the field of penguin research.

Penguins (Yale University Press, 2004) – written with Martin Renner, this is a book that explains the evolution and behaviour of penguins by considering, in particular, how far they must travel to get food.

Smithsonian Q&A Penguins: the ultimate question and answer book (HarperCollins, 2007) – written for the Smithsonian, this is a book that provides answers for many of the questions people have about penguins.

Scientific awards and accolades include: a Fulbright Award, a Prince and Princess of Wales Scientific Award and an Anzac Fellowship.
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