The following are a selection of reviews of Looking for Darwin:
‘...the book is one of the funniest and most entertaining non-fiction titles I’ve read in a long while...I see him as a cross between Bill Bryson and David Attenborough.’

Beattie’s Book Blog

‘Davis writes like Bill Bryson. A very rare gift. This book is superb.’

Chapters & Verses

'Davis sets out on a quest to find out all he can about Darwin, and, one suspects, about himself. Quest stories always make good reads and this one is no exception.’

Warwick Roger, North & South

‘This book...will appeal to readers in different ways. It is probably not a book for the devoutly religious or politically correct, but it is otherwise a rattling good story.’


'This is a stimulating book, and an engaging one. The writing is good, there is humour, good observation and logical observations and conclusions...In short, Davis has done an excellent job.’

Northern Advocate

‘...this volume stands out as a brilliant angle on Darwin...writing with a vigour and irreverence surely unique in popular science.’

Otago Daily Times

‘...relax and enjoy the read which I describe as “Bill Brysonesque” in style.’

Waikato Times

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