Smithsonian Q&A Penguins out

I took time out during the writing of Looking for Darwin to write a book for the Smithsonian called: Smithsonian Q&A Penguins. They bill it as the “ultimate question and answer book” and, while I would tend to be more modest, I’d like to think that it at least does its job pretty well.

The good news is that it has just been published and is now available in the USA and Canada.

Time Out

The Smithsonian in Washington, DC

Charles Darwin has gone into a state somewhere between suspended animation and a coma. While I am continuing to work on the nearly completed manuscript of Looking for Darwin, I have fallen victim to my inherent inability to say “no.” That characteristic, as imbedded in me as my fingerprints, has gotten me into more trouble in my life than I care to mention. My publisher considers it a weakness. At times, as I have waited for a hangover to pass or someone to leave, I’ve considered it a failing. Read More...
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