Time: Evolution Wars

The cover story in the current issue of Time Magazine is headlined “Evolution Wars”. It reports on the growing push within the United States to have “Intelligent Design” taught alongside evolution in schools as an alternative theory. Perhaps the most telling line in the whole article is the one that quotes the results of a Harris poll of 1,000 American adults: “54% did not believe humans had developed from an earlier species”.

Now I haven’t got a problem with over half the adults in the United States believing they were created by God rather than being the products of an evolutionary process – as long as they have investigated and weighed up the evidence on both sides of the debate. But perhaps the scariest point in the article is near the end: it says that polls show that approximately 45% of Americans believe that “God created the world along with all creatures big and small in just six days”!

Well, I’m sorry, but that just beggars belief. While there might be grounds for questioning Darwin’s evolution by natural selection, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that the world was created in six days. So if any of you out there who are reading this believe that is possible, I say to you, please stay with
Looking for Darwin. Come along for the ride and if, after delving into the issues and evidence presented here, you still believe that – well, good for you! At least it won’t be blind faith anymore. And really, that is all Looking for Darwin is about: opening our eyes.
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