Hello world!

The above topic title was the one automatically assigned to this first post by WordPress – the engine that is powering this blog – and I have retained it because it seems especially appropriate. Firstly, greetings to the world – I hope this reaches a wide audience and that we can enjoy this journey together! Secondly, this site is devoted to developing an understanding of the world: it is based upon my experiences associated with writing a book called Looking for Darwin where I am attempting to unravel what this life and this world are all about. How did we get here?
On the one hand, we have a book that says we were created by some supernatural being; on the other, we have a book written by Charles Darwin that says we are but a branch on an evolutionary tree of life that was inevitable and self-sustaining once the right conditions were met here on Earth.
Looking for Darwin is an account of my journey, both physical and metaphysical, to determine whether Darwin’s view holds the most water.
My background as a biologist allows me to penetrate the science; my focus on popularizing science allows me to make it seem less dense and, I hope, penetrable by you, my audience. If that seems a little arrogant, it is not meant to be. I don’t mean to say that I can weigh up the evidence any better than you, simply that with regard to the science, if that is not your forté, you can use me like an expert witness in a court case and draw your own conclusions. Think of me as simply a tool – something that may or may not assist you in making your own decisions about the big questions in life. You don’t have to agree with me to learn from me. If I could cook I would probably write a recipe book, so your stomachs at least should be grateful that I have chosen this route instead: I’ve had grown women spit my casseroles onto the floor after one of my culinary excursions. There is, however, one similarity that my cooking and
Looking for Darwin share: stick with me and I can promise to provide you with new and interesting experiences.
On other pages on this blog you can view the rationale for writing
Looking for Darwin, information about me, and, if you so wish, details of how to contact me. News and associated commentaries relating to Darwin can be found under the category, Darwin News. Other posts will be organized as to subject matter and the facet of Darwin’s life they relate to: Darwin’s Early Life, The Voyage of the Beagle, Darwin’s Later Life, and Issues about Darwins’s Theory.
So – without further ado –
Hello world! and let the journey begin…
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